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Appellate Advocacy

Appellate Expertise Matters

Appeals are dissimilar from trials.  The rules and procedures are different.  The strategies for winning are different.  Even the audience is different—not a jury, but a panel of experienced judges.  Arguments that might be expected to persuade a jury generally have no place in the context of an appeal.  Even the best trial attorneys routinely pass the baton to appellate practitioners for the appellate phase of litigation.

A Full Service Team

Appeals of Right: From Post-Trial Motions Through Opinions

Carney Badley Spellman’s Appellate Group has a deep bench of lawyers with decades of experience briefing, arguing, and winning appeals in state and federal courts. We handle complex—or simple—appeals in virtually every area of law. We have won multiple groundbreaking victories for clients in state and federal appellate courts throughout the Pacific Northwest. And we have applied our in-depth experience to win appeals for clients across the country.

Discretionary Appellate Court Review

To challenge a controversial trial court ruling before or during trial, a party must seek permission to appeal. Similarly, most state high courts, including the Supreme Court of Washington, review cases solely at their discretion. Carney Badley Spellman’s Appellate Group can assist with obtaining permission for these and other types of discretionary review.

Trials: Embedded Appellate Counsel

Consulting appellate counsel before or during a trial may be advantageous, especially if an appeal is anticipated. Appellate counsel can help correct and prevent errors and ensure that they are properly preserved for appellate review. Our services often include preparing and arguing important motions before, during, or after the trial.

Amicus Curiae Briefs

Appellate decisions shape and clarify the law in ways that affect people and industries beyond the parties involved. In cases involving these critical issues, clients who are not parties can be heard by filing a brief of amicus curiae (“friend of the court”). These briefs explain to the court how an issue affects an industry, trade association, demographic group, or even an individual client and provide the court with valuable legal analysis. Carney Badley Spellman’s Appellate Group is experienced in writing persuasive and impactful amicus curiae briefs that assist the court in understanding the issues and understanding the client’s concerns.

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