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Bid Protests

Bid protests occur on public construction and supply contracts where one or more unsuccessful bidders believes the winning bidder received an unfair advantage due to irregularities in the bidding process.

We understand the investment our clients make in the preparation of competitive bids and that the small fraction of winning bids keeps the lights on and employees paid. We are, therefore, always prepared to review a potential protest, provide advice on the merits and the cost and benefit of moving forward, and then to move expeditiously to enforce and protect our clients’ rights.

While the range of issues triggering protests is as diverse as the types of contracts themselves, we have decades of experience both prosecuting and defending bid protests before city and county commissioners, state and federal agencies, state and federal trial courts, and appellate courts. Due to our experience in drafting contract documents for governmental clients throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, our attorneys are uniquely positioned to offer exceptional bid protest advice.

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