2021: Carney is one of Top 50 National Construction Law Firms

For the 2021 survey for the annual U.S. ranking of The Top 50 Construction Law Firms™, Construction Executive’s editorial team reached out to dozens of attorneys at the nation’s best construction law firms to learn how the legal landscape is changing, as well as how legal teams are aiding clients with sharpening contract language and pivoting in response to challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Carney Badley Spellman made the Top 50 Construction Law Firm list again in 2021 . . .

According to the latest report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction employment numbers did not move much in April despite an increased demand for housing and a recovering economy. Due to continued fallout from the pandemic—and what seems like no end in sight for the rising costs of materials—contractors have been turning to construction law firms to navigate delayed projects, interpret contract language, assist in risk mitigation and ensure the road ahead is paved with understandable and protective clauses.

Successful communication between contractors and owners can ease the challenges of rising costs, delays and materials shortages and keep projects moving toward a profitable end. Contractors should actively seek to have contract provisions in place to protect them and owners should be open to these requests . . .

“Many owners believe that all construction risks should be borne by contractors. I greatly admire contractors, because they take on tremendous risks in their everyday conduct of business. But some risks can put a contractor underwater. Contract provisions need to be watched carefully . . .

Making the responsibilities of all parties clear in contracts can also stem potential issues. A clear understanding of who is responsible for design completion plays a significant role for construction firms when reviewing contract documents.

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Mark Rosencrantz, Chair, Carney’s Construction Practice Group

Carney’s Construction Team


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