Family Law &

Domestic Relations

Family Law and Domestic Relations

Ted Katterheinrich represents clients in a wide range of family law and domestic relations legal matters. He assists our clients to negotiate the best possible economic plan for themselves and their families. Our services include:

Amicable or Contested Divorce /Dissolution of Marriage

  • child custody
  • parenting plan
  • child support
  • tax exemptions
  • post-secondary educational support
  • temporary relief/orders pending final Decree of Dissolution
  • property division
  • debt assignment
  • maintenance/spousal support
  • division of retirement plans, IRAs and pensions


  • prenuptial agreements
  • cohabitation agreements
  • post-nuptial agreements
  • separation contracts/agreements

Other Legal Services

  • paternity/parentage
  • modifications of parenting plans and child support
  • mediations/arbitrations
  • settlement conferences
  • administrative hearings

In addition to families, we also represent business relations in the following:

  • business valuations
  • professionals
  • goodwill
  • complex property distributions/financial issues
  • community versus separate property

Family Law Appeals

In addition, our Appellate Practice Group has in-depth experience with family law appeals in all three divisions of the Court of Appeals and in the Supreme Court. The principal lawyers have more than eighty years combined experience arguing a full range of civil and criminal appeals in the state and federal appeals courts. They have applied this in-depth experience to win ground-breaking victories in the Washington Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. They are familiar with the judges, the internal procedures, and the personalities of these courts and apply this in-depth experience in family law appeals, as in all their appeals.

Family Law and Domestic Relations


Ted R. Katterheinrich

Ted R.

Family Law and Domestic Relations

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