Environmental Law

We assist businesses, municipalities, and individuals with a variety of environmental issues. Our attorneys have experience working with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies and provide compliance counseling, enforcement defense, advocacy on rulemaking matters, and environmental law.

Administrative Matters

We represent clients before regulatory agencies, hearing boards, before municipal, city and county councils, and if necessary trial and appellate courts. These contested hearings include appeals regarding permits, regulatory violations, fines and penalties and TROs. We routinely assist clients with their responses to inquiries by the EPA and Washington Department of Ecology.

Air Quality

We represent clients with issues of toxic odor, mold, and specific contaminants. We confer with technical consultants on compliance audits, emission monitoring and evaluation of site standards.

Brownfields and Cost Recovery

Hazardous materials contamination sites can consume tremendous resources for cleanup. As time passes, many are cleaned up and used for development within our communities, which requires strategic planning. We help our clients assess costs of cleanup and liability and search for other responsible parties to contribute to the cleanup.

Hazardous Waste/Toxic Tort

We have extensive experience resolving hazardous materials and pollution disputes. Our attorneys have significant experience with issues arising out of statutes, including MTCA, CERCLA and RCRA. We also assist our clients when they must respond to catastrophic releases of hazardous substances, and the variety of claims that result from such releases, and defend them in toxic tort litigation arising out of exposure to hazardous materials, including asbestos, industrial chemicals and treated lumber.

Environmental Law Attorneys

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