Class Actions

Our Class Action Practice Group brings insight to these complex, multi-claimant proceedings. Each class action is unique, with the types of classes certified, claims pled and the jurisdiction involved. Often these cases are nationwide, and they can present significant risk and negative media exposure for the class defendant. We have the experience to mitigate these impacts and bring resolution to high-stakes, class action litigation.

We have experienced practitioners and appear regularly in state, federal and appellate courts. In addition to our experience as lead counsel, we are available to serve as local counsel. Our role as local counsel depends upon the strategies and needs of general counsel.

Our class action experiences have included a broad array of matters, including:


  • Wage and hour violations

Consumer Protection Act

  • Violations of Washington Consumer Protection Act


  • Environmental contamination and toxic tort claims
  • Release of radioactive materials

Automobile Insurance

  • Service fee charges regarding installment payments for premiums

Insurance Coverage

  • Insurers’ obligations under policies
  • Bad Faith

Health Care Insurance

  • Health care insurance–benefit design
  • Health care insurance–rate


  • Arbitration clauses

Civil Rights Defense

  • First Amendment
  • Eighth Amendment
  • Fourteenth Amendment Violations
  • Prison inadequate medical care
  • Prison jail conditions including overcrowding, lack of access to the legal system, inadequate supplies
  • Municipal and county defense


  • Facsimile advertisements or “junk faxes” in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, Junk Fax Protection Act, and Washington Consumer Protection Act

We handle complex class actions in many areas of the law, including antitrust and trade regulation, employment, civil rights defense, consumer protection, environmental, health care, and insurance. The breadth of the legal services we provide allows us to adopt a team approach to the litigation in the appropriate circumstance and offer guidance to the firm outside of the strict confines of the litigation itself. We can offer advice on maintaining good employee relations in spite of the litigation, interface with governmental agencies that may be involved with the claims, and assist in preparing a public relations response to media before the call is made.

Class Actions Attorneys

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