Carney Makes List of 100 Best Companies To Work For 2020

Carney Badley Spellman

Seattle Business Magazine BY: ROB SMITH  09/01/2020

Making the prestigious list is truly an accomplishment during such a challenging time.

Workplace culture doesn’t just happen. It’s deliberate and nurtured daily. It’s built on trust, respect, teamwork, and the belief that no one job is more important than another, regardless of title. As one employee at Vancouver-based credit-card processor Total Merchant Concepts Inc. put it: “Narrowing down what I like most is like saying I just received all my favorite Christmas gifts and I need to pick one. Hard to choose.

Total Merchant Concepts scored the highest of any company across all categories, making it the No. 1 place to work in Washington state in this year’s survey. All the companies on this year’s list have achieved something truly special, as the ongoing global pandemic forced them to rethink business models, create new communications systems, and take unprecedented steps to ensure employee safety.

Companies nominate themselves and employees respond to a comprehensive survey administered by software firm Qualtrics. Responses remain anonymous, and companies are scored across 10 major categories, including communication, training, rewards, and recognition.

The scores earned by companies across all 10 categories are combined to reach an average score. Companies are ranked across four groups:

Workers at Seattle Business Magazine’s 100 Best Companies To Work For (in the small company category, 15-49 employees) describe how company culture powers efficiency and creates a sense of personal satisfaction. Companies are listed in order of their rankings, as voted on by employees.

The scores earned by companies across all 10 categories are combined to reach an average score. Companies are ranked across four groups:

SMALL COMPANIES: 15-49 full-time Washington employees.

Workers at Seattle Business magazine’s 100 Best Companies To Work For (in the small company category, 15-49 employees) describe how company culture powers efficiency and creates a sense of personal satisfaction. Companies are listed in order of their rankings, as voted on by employees.

  1. Total Merchant Concepts Inc.
    Vancouver | Credit and debit card processing
    “Narrowing down what I like most is like saying I just received all my favorite Christmas gifts and I need to pick one. Hard to choose. The TMC culture would be at the top. I love working with every coworker.”
  2. CFO Selections
    Bellevue | Financial consultant
    “The workplace platform is both autonomous and collaborative. Partners and consultants are encouraged to apply their experiences and best practices to everyday situations.”
  3. Avara Construction
    Redmond | Construction
    “Avara Construction allows employees to take ownership for their work. This allows the employee to work at a first-class level. The company has an effective work ethic and will not slow down in the future.”
  4. Adler Giersch PS
    Seattle | Personal injury law
    “The social consciousness of our firm starts at the top and permeates throughout. Acknowledgement for work well done is standard. Most recently with the ongoing pandemic, great care has been taken to protect our clients and employees.”
  5. CloudMoyo
    Bellevue | Software

    “CloudMoyo offers employees the ability to grow while the company is growing at the same time — it ties in your own and the company’s success in a way that motivates you to put your best foot forward and feel truly invested.”
  6. MediaAlpha
    Redmond | Marketing

    “By not growing too large too fast, I believe it’s been able to sustain a positive culture. The company’s flexibility during the Covid outbreak has once again shown why it’s such a great place to work.”
  7. Parker Staffing Services
    Seattle | Employment agency

    “We didn’t have to skip a beat during the stay-at-home order. We were able to get the whole company to be able to work from home before the order was called so we were prepared.”
  8. Carlisle Classic Homes LLC
    Seattle | Home builder

    “If you worked here, you would understand. From leadership to support staff, everyone brings a different light to the company and helps to make it stronger. We continue to be valued and appreciated.”
  9. Uplevel
    Seattle | Software

    “Glad I took the job. Honestly a small but great team that works hard and cares about each other. Referring friends is the best part. Tackling a huge problem in a unique way. The market exists and it’s for us to capture.”
  10. Revolution Custom/Civil Builders
    Issaquah | Home builder

    “An amazing company to work for. I have been blessed to learn so much, work with incredibly smart people, and feel like a team member rather than just an employee. We care about each others’ lives outside of work.”
  11. Schlemlein Fick & Franklin PLLC
    Seattle | Law firm
    “A recent example of the firm putting people first was the decision to close our office well before any government ordered or recommended shutdowns and providing the technology so everyone could productively work from home.”
  12. Fuel Talent
    Seattle | Employment agency

    “Much less cutthroat than anyone would expect a recruiting agency to be. It is an extremely collaborative environment where we truly believe that we win together. It’s so refreshing.”
  13. Whitepages Inc.
    Seattle | Online directory services

    “An excellent place to work. I see myself being here for quite some time. Achieves a lot despite its small size. Love the team, upper management, the people I work with.”
  14. Formidable
    Seattle | Software

    “Formidable is trying to be a more diverse and inclusive organization. Most places have some boilerplate language around these topics, but they rarely put any real emphasis or effort into actually increasing diversity and inclusivity.”
  15. StrataCore
    Seattle | Computer consultant

    “I have told so many people that we are an incredible company, and so many people have said to me, ‘OMG, I cannot believe that StrataCore is an actual place. You work for the best company!’ Team first mentality is a huge thing for us.”
  16. Columbia Pacific Wealth Management
    Seattle | Financial planner
    “This is an incredibly open and inclusive company that supports every team member in their personal and professional passions. It’s hard to find a better group striving toward a common goal.”
  17. Unearth Technologies Inc.
    Seattle | Computer software

    “I feel fortunate to work with so many smart people. The founders set a high bar and work effectively with everyone to meet it. I’ve been happy since I joined and haven’t considered other extremely enticing job opportunities at all.”
  18. Gaspar’s Construction
    Seattle | Remodeler
    “Employee problems and concerns are solved quickly and professionally. Gaspar’s doesn’t shy away from tough issues, which allows for a healthy work environment.”
  19. Omnidian
    Seattle | Solar energy
    “The leadership during the Covid-19 crisis has reacted with calm guidance and frequent updates in an uncertain and ever-changing situation. The positive team spirit and buoyant approach to adversity has been important now more so than ever.”
  20. Karat
    Seattle | Interview engineering
    “I had spent 12 years at a large company before joining Karat in 2019, and what is most impressive to me is the maturity of the company culture. There is a strong value system and purpose-driven mission that everyone buys into that is really refreshing.”
  21. 2A Consulting
    Seattle | Marketing consultant
    “Love the commitment to family/outside life, while at the same time placing importance on delivering high-quality work to our clients. It’s the right kind of balance.”
  22. Apptentive
    Seattle | Software

    “Apptentive is the most transparent company I have worked at in my 15-year professional career. Leadership is accessible and encourages a culture of collaboration.”
  23. Possible Finance
    Seattle | Financial services
    “A young company destined for greatness with inspiring leadership and company culture. We are a very tight team. Also, dogs are allowed at the office so there is a lot of furry love.”
  24. Cascade Print Media
    Tacoma |Commercial printing

    “Great place to work. We all feel like we have the right to push back and our voice will be heard. The owner of the company is truly a stand-up guy.”
  25. MCW Events
    Seattle | Event management
    “All employees are extremely empowered to run with their knowledge and expertise but have a huge support network to lean on whenever needed.”
  26. Total Benefit Solutions
    Bellevue | Health insurance

    “Really love working here. The job itself is great with lots of challenges and a very interesting business environment. Even better, TBS has done a great job of hiring talented, friendly people and it really shows!”
  27. Ripl Inc.
    Bellevue | Social media branding

    “I feel lucky to work somewhere where I am genuinely excited to come into work on Mondays. The patience, passion and work ethic that the leadership and my coworkers have has pushed me to become a better employee myself.”
  28. Sustainable Interiors
    Fife | Flooring

    “Sustainable Interiors is a special company. The leadership is second to none, and there is life here. Interior finishes is what we do, but excellent leadership, innovation and taking care of people are who we are.”
  29. Rubica Inc.
    Seattle | Cybersecurity

    “Best company for families, working parents. They took care of me as a working mom while pregnant and coming back from maternity leave. Amazing team with exceptional leadership. Best company I’ve ever been a part of.”
  30. LeoStella
    Tukwila | Satellite design and manufacturing
    “LeoStella is absolutely dedicated to its employees, and it has really showed as the majority of us are working from home.  It has been impressive to observe and it makes me proud to be a part of this team.”
  31. Greene Information Systems
    Seattle | Computer consultant

    “Have been very happy with my time at Greene. We have a great team of people who care to see this company succeed and it shows. Good place, good people.”
  32. Carney Badley Spellman, PS
    Seattle | Legal services
    “We have amazing management and a wonderful HR director who puts her heart and soul into her work.  So grateful for all of them. I can’t imagine ever working anywhere else.”

MIDSIZE COMPANIES: 50-150 full-time Washington employees.

LARGE COMPANIES: 150-plus full-time Washington employees.

Companies headquartered outside of Washington state with offices here.


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